The SURE white paper offers a series of recommendations for independent entrepreneurs and policy makers, to enable the former to integrate a Corporate Social Responsibility approach on the theme of green and social skills.

The foreword was written by Fatima Bellaredj, General Delegate at Confédération Générale des Scop (France). In addition, two other contributions enrich the white paper, the first from Marie-Laure Cuvelier, Regional Advisor responsible for the social and solidarity economy (ESS) and the opening of regional action (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France) and the second from Baptiste Betinas, entrepreneur and president of SCOP CAE Cabestan (Rhône-Alpes, France).

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The document is divided into 6 parts:


  1. Presentation of the SURE project
  2. Presentation of the five partners
  3. The need to promote sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in Europe
  4. Recommendations for independent contractors
  5. Recommendations for decision-makers
  6. Outlook